Where can i find more sailboat blueprints like this one?

http://www3.sympatico.ca/sailpair/28note s.

Ebay, by a hair's breadth look at the pictures people have listed for auctions. Search "blueprints boats".

Ebay, condign look at the pictures people have listed for auctions. Search "blueprints boats".

Try this website: http://old.cruisingworld.com/ssbk/ssboan dx.htm

each sailing-boat listed has an elevation view drawing and most have a link to the manufacturers website. On those websites you can find a variety of drawings of the a number of boats they build.

You can also try scanning through the links on this site:

Sailboat Blueprints - Bookshelf

Essential Meeting Blueprints for Managers
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Essential Meeting Blueprints for Managers

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Popular Science
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Popular Science

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