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NewBy The Sea SAILBOAT Applique Wall Quilt 1982 VIP Crafts Pattern C2853
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NewHinzeit “Regatta" Sail Boat Quilt Pattern
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Spinning Sailboats Quilt Pattern Pieced AG
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NewMcKenna Ryan Quilt Pattern From the Coast with Love Perspective Seagull Sailboat
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NewSailboat Nautical Quilt Pattern baby quilt Row your Boat by Cotton Way
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Quilt pattern-Sailboat Trio by Jeri Kelly
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New"SMOOTH SAILING" Quilt Pattern by Kaye England Sailboats UNCUT & COMPLETE
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Spinning Sailboats Quilt Pattern Pieced
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NewMcKenna Ryan Quilt Pattern Beach Walk Holiday for Two Chair Sailboat Seagull #1
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Spinning Sailboats Quilt pattern only
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Prison inmates crafting care

ONTARIO — Photos of Snake River Correctional Institution inmates in the prison’s quilting program show burly men proudly holding up colorful quilts in a variety of patterns.

One photo shows a little boy splayed out on a sailboat quilt made by an inmate. Patsy Wilson, SRCI staff member and quilting program coordinator, said when the participants saw the photo, they all had tears in their eyes.

“These guys love it. The opportunity to create is very important to them,” Wilson said. “They take such pride in their work.”

The program began as a simple idea through a partnership between SRCI’s Corrections Rehabilitation Services section and Wilson.

Bill Doman, manager of Corrections Rehabilitation Services, had been participating in the prison’s quarterly meal preparation at Harvest House Missions in Ontario. In that program, SRCI staff provide and serve a meal to homeless community members.

Doman asked Harvest House staff what they needed most, and the answer was blankets.

After months of work, the SRCI Quilting Program was approved. The first class began in November 2014 with five inmates out of the 55 who applied.

The class meets once a week for four hours at a time, and the class lasts for 18 months. Wilson said they are very strict about who they choose to participate.

“They have to be of the highest incentive level, meaning they have been out of trouble the longest,” Wilson said. “We are very strict, because we can’t take any chances.”

According to information provided by SRCI, the inmates receive an orientation about security measures and the importance of following the rules. They learn how to properly cut fabric, create seams and use a seam ripper. By the third class, the inmates are working on their first projects, which range from crib-sized quilts to dog beds.

“They are all making the same pattern but going about it in different ways and using different colors,” Wilson said. “So they’re learning that one way is no better than the other.”

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Paper-pieced block quilt O iving On a lake in northern -I Minnesota, I spend much of my free time relaxing on the shore and watching the water. ... The sailboat, with its geometric lines, was easy to design as a foundation-pieced pattern.

Beautifully Quilted with Alex Anderson, How to Choose or Create the Best Designs for Your Quilt, 5 Timeless Projects, Full-Size Patterns, Ready to Use
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Beautifully Quilted with Alex Anderson, How to Choose or Create the Best Designs for Your Quilt, 5 Timeless Projects, Full-Size Patterns, Ready to Use

How to Choose or Create the Best Designs for Your Quilt, 5 Timeless Projects, Full-Size Patterns, Ready to Use Alex Anderson. Connect the repeat here. Sailboat Quilting Pattern Bar Quilt Variation Cable Pattern Connect segments. Sailboat ...
About this book
Explore the Endless Possibilities for Hand or Machine Quilting Designs! Are you stumped about the right quilting design for your latest materpiece? It’s America’s favorite quilting instructor to the rescue! 5 classic quilt projects allow you to put your new skills into practice. Learn how to decide on the best quilting design for each individual quilt. Step-by-step instructions for drafting your own designs, plus ideas for customizing commercial quilting patterns and stencils. Full-size, ready-to-trace patterns for traditional quilting motifs, such as feathers, wreaths, and more.

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IR Community Calendar
Indian River Model Sailing Club: Remote control model sailboat racing. 1-3 p.m. Hobart Lake, . 7, 21, Sept. 18. Quilted Giraffe Restaurant, 500 South U.S. 1, Vero Beach. Cha-cha Social Dance Patterns Mini Series: Singles and Couples. 7-7:45 p.m

A small Florida town is left to wonder: How did 2 terrorists come from here?
A small Florida town is left to wonder: How did 2 terrorists come from here? “He was not the product of this town,” Linda Hudson, the 73-year-old mayor, said as she sat outside a gelato shop in the quaint, historic downtown area, gazing at a marina full of sailboats and a man sprawled out in a deckchair, fishing. “This is a

Entertainment calendar: June 23 edition
JUNIOR SAILING PROGRAM: SESSION TWO 8:30 a.m. to noon and 1-4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday, June 27-July 8, at the N.C. Maritime Museum in Beaufort. The Junior Sailing Program offers basic through advanced . This two-week class will offer two different

Julia's Breath of Hope
Julia's Breath of Hope Shortly after her diagnosis last year, McPhail and her family went to Kerr Lake, a 50,000-acre reservoir that reaches into Virginia, where they have a sailboat. If ever away from home on Sundays, they find a church. On this particular Sunday, the

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