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NewPattern: "Sailboat Tote" - Fashion Fun
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Spinning Sailboats Quilt Pattern Pieced AG
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NewR$W-5 Ravenswood Designs Sailboat Reverse Applique Technique
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NewSAIL AWAY Baby Quilt By Elena's Quilts - Foundation Pieced Sailboats
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NewMcKenna Ryan Quilt Pattern From the Coast with Love Perspective Seagull Sailboat
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NewSailboat & Lighthouse Hawaiian Quilt PatternPacificRim Nancy Chong Quilting DIY
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NewSailboat Quilt Pattern Crib Sheet Bumper Pads Quilting Sewing Applique Patchwork
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Sailboat Tote Quilted Pattern Creative Scrap Quilting House of White Birches
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Beautiful comfort: Lucy Fagella's urns honor loved ones and their memories

He clay, wet and gray, stretches out as Lucy Fagella’s strong fingers manipulate the spinning mass on her potter’s wheel. Magically, it seems, the spinning shape is molded by Fagella’s will.

In a matter of minutes, the Greenfield potter turns a 4-pound lump of Sheffield clay into what begins to look like a porcelain jar. Once it has been glazed and fired, it will take its place on the shelf in Fagella’s Leyden Road studio and showroom, which will be open for this weekend’s Asparagus Trail Pottery Tour. The urns, which are also on Fagella’s online marketplace, share a special purpose: a handcrafted repository for the ashes of someone who’s passed on.

Fagella, who has been doing pottery since she was 16 but has been worked full-time professionally for 15 years, has sold her mugs, bowls, casserole dishes and other porcelain pieces around the world, with help from the Internet. But it’s her urns that set her apart from Pioneer Valley’s other noteworthy artisans.

It was after both her parents died within months of one another that Fagella, 34 at the time, first began thinking about urns.

“They were buried in the regular, traditional Catholic way, with caskets and a wake,” she says, “but while I was at the funeral home, in their office, I started looking at urns there, and I thought, ‘Oh my God! These are ugly, kind of stately and creepy-looking.”

Just seeing them was enough to plant in her head the idea that she could do better.

So about three years after she began as a full-time studio potter, when one of her students asked her to make an urn for his grandfather and afterward told her, “It’s so beautiful! You have to do this!” Fagella realized this was a niche she should pursue.

“It pushed me over the edge,” says the 50-year-old potter. “I said, ‘Yeah, I think you have an idea there.’”

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Baby Quilts Baby Quilts

Paper-pieced block quilt O iving On a lake in northern -I Minnesota, I spend much of my free time relaxing on the shore and watching the water. ... The sailboat, with its geometric lines, was easy to design as a foundation-pieced pattern.

5,500 Quilt Block Designs
448 pages
5,500 Quilt Block Designs

1 63; Name Unknown curve pattern. 286; No Name five patch. ... 183; Sunset Quilt Block. 285; Tahitian .... I 17 Sailboat. 15.74. 106. 113 Sailboat Block. 15.24 Sailboat Oklahoma. I 14 Sailboat Quilt. 1 14 Sailboats Variation. 89 Sailing Darts.
About this book
A must-have for every quilter: the ultimate pattern resource, with an astounding 5,500 blocks With 5,500 blocks to copy, adapt, and combine in countless ways, no quilter will ever have to run out of patterns anymore. Some designs are classics and taken from museum collections, handed from friend to friend, or kept in a family for many years. Each pattern is drawn on a grid showing the number of squares to the block which makes it easy to mix-and-match, because they all draft to the same size. The dazzling choices include a Premium Star, Double Pyramid, Strips and Squares, Farmer's Puzzle, Sunburst, Beggar's Blocks, and countless more. They're arranged by type--including 4-, 5-, and 9-patch patterns; circles and curves; octagons; diamonds; and 8-point stars--and all indexed alphabetically by name. There's even information on each block's source. As a special bonus Maggie Malone has included a section of Alphabet Patch Patterns to use for personalizing every block. No quilter can do without...

Alleluia!!! Merry Christmas...Give Away Day 12!!!

Day 12 is a jelly index & a pattern to use it with.  The new names will be posted the day after Christmas.  Certificate back on Monday the 23rd of December to see the unconditional schedule of winners for the 12 days of Christmas.  You will have 24 hours to association ME. that means if you see YOUR name on the winners beadroll YOU must send ME an email with your snail post lecture. as I am bewitching the 24th and 25th off from blog posting. If I don't get wind of from you in 24 hours (that means the deadline is 8 am on December 24th). you will have all weekend to upright a expansion. if interested give up a remark on this pale. My husband is in the Air Put the squeeze on someone so my m will be active to a new villainous after Christmas. Wish I'm not clone posting. no austere feelings I will have Mr. Aleatory Numbers Generator and the Dog Dish cough up another name. Cheerful Christmas. It would be such fun to have a scheme such as this to fill my spell until we find a new community.

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Museum & Gallery Listings for Sept. 25-Oct. 1 Ms. Ferris also melds the geometry of digital media with Native American patterns, Bauhaus weaving and the ethereality of visionary painters like Lee Mullican and Chris Martin. Body prints, in .. American Folk Art Museum: 'Folk Art and American

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Women's Runway Trend Report For MFW SS16: Bags From Moschino, Max Mara And More One print theme of note was an homage to the "tropical getaway"; myriad brands featured bags splashed with palm trees, parrots and sailboats. Read on for the complete breakdown of Leather was the material of choice, especially in a quilted style as

Quilters collect patterns around the continent
Quilters collect patterns around the continent The customer wanted a free quilting pattern — available from the first day of summer until Labor Day — of a baby sea serpent and octopus playing with a beach ball in a sea of fabrics with a lighthouse that actually lights up. The free pattern was

To Write a Great Essay, Think and Care Deeply
Again and again, the type of work I aspired to was met by outsiders with either confusion or derision, and that pattern only served to create within me a heightened sense of panic and defensiveness every time I sat down to write. It felt as though the

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