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Gerry & The Pacemakers (1965 VG+) "Ferry Across The Mersey" Laurie # 3284 L@@K!.
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Gerry & The Pacemakers: "Ferry Across The Mersey" - '64 Brit Invastion - pl NM!
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Ferry Across The Mersey The Liverpool Sound Music Cassette Direct Label
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Mersey Ferries, Battle across the Atlantic, coffee mug, 1943-1993 annaversary
Mugs, Cups
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NewFerry Across the Mersey by Gerry & the Pacemakers (CD, Dec-2013, Fuel 2000)
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GERRY & THE PACEMAKERS Ferry Across The Mersey b/w Pretend ORIG PRESS Laurie
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GERRY & PACEMAKERS ... Ferry Across The Mersey -- 45 RPM -- 65
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Gerry & The Pacemakers 7" vinyl - Ferry Across The Mersey - Old Gold 9373
Beat > 1960s
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1965 Gerry & the Pacemakers, Ferry Across The Mersey, Laurie 3284, VG++, 45 RPM
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Ferry across the Mersey, fun for kids or for adults as well?

I'm eccentric about this ferry ride but me and my gf don't feel like being the only adults on the ferry hehhe...is it any good?

Its a dernier cri, transportation always is.

It's laudatory if you are leaving Liverpool,not so good in the other direction!

Its a gush over, transportation always is.

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Riverside Rambles - Along the Mersey Riverside Rambles - Along the Mersey

Ron Freethy. The last row boat: ferry across tin1 There are some pleasant half- timbered houses, but the Normans probably recognised Thelwall as a Saxon stronghold and they were determined not to develop it, as it may have become a site ...

The Mersey Girls
400 pages
The Mersey Girls

he said incredulously when Lucy told him how homesick she was. 'You don't like this most beautiful of cities? Ah, but how much have ye seen of it? Have ye taken the ferry across the great River Mersey and seen it from the Woodside shore?
About this book
Spring 1913, and seventeen-year-old Evie Murphy is leaving her native Ireland for the city of Liverpool with her baby daughter Linnet - but leaving Linnet's frail twin, Lucy, behind. These are mixed fortunes ahead for Evie, and while Lucy grows up in the beautiful Irish countryside, Linnet is all too often forced to throw herself on the mercy of the enormous, impoverished Sullivan family. Life in a slum court during the thirties is far from easy -but when tragedy strikes it becomes the only existence possible for Linnet. Destitute, she disappears into the Liverpool slums like an teardrop in an ocean. Lucy, meanwhile, urgently needs her sister by her side. But she has little idea, when she leaves the farm and sets off to look for Linnet, how their meeting will change their lives for ever. . .

Friday 27th December 2013 Lazy River

2002 – North Korea ordered U. N. atomic inspectors to give over the territory and said that it would restart a laboratory qualified of producing plutonium for atomic weapons. 1965 – The BP oil rig  Sea Gem  capsized in the North Sea, with the wastage of 13 lives. 2002 – In Chechnya, at least 40 people were killed when suicide bombers attacked the furnishing of Grozny. 2002 – Clonaid announced the delivery of the first cloned kind-hearted babe in arms. A perfect of twenty people were killed, including five of the attackers, who were slain by enforce and safety personnel. President George W. Bush granted China immutable customary exchange reputation with the Joint States. 1949 – Monarch Juliana of the Netherlands granted primacy to Indonesia after more than 300 years of Dutch decision. 1978 – Spain adopted a new constitution and became a democracy after 40 years of dictatorship. The affair was the childbirth of his own youngster in Jefferson, GA. B craze people earn a suggest. Crawford Williamson Wish in use accustomed to anesthesia for childbirth for the first conditions. The baby had been born December 26. Babrak Karmal succeeded President Hafizullah Amin, who was overthrown and executed.   This is why living here is so exciting.   This was an bloody dasngerous happening. 1945 – The Magic Bank was created with an concordat signed by 28 nations. 1927 – Leon Trotsky was expelled from the Communist Celebration....


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John Peel: The man who gave unheard bands their chance
John Peel: The man who gave unheard bands their chance Johnny Marr picked up his guitar and not only played, but sang the song too, before launching into Ferry Cross the Mersey. Johnny says of John: “The Smiths' early success was largely due to the John Peel show. "We would try out our new songs in those 

Dramatic pictures as severe weather causes parts of Liverpool city centre to ...
Dramatic pictures as severe weather causes parts of Liverpool city centre to ... The severe weather caused widespread disruption across Merseyside. A wall collapsed on The Mersey Ferries were running as normal but there were delays on P&O Ferries between Liverpool and Dublin due to "adverse weather conditions". Liverpool's 

Roads still closed across Merseyside as Hurricane Gonzalo clean-up continues
Roads still closed across Merseyside as Hurricane Gonzalo clean-up continues On the River Mersey, P&O Irish Sea ferries sailings were running but passengers faced long delays between Liverpool and Dublin due to the bad weather. Passengers returning from a Norwegian cruise were stuck on CMV chartered ship Funchal after it was 

Hover'cross the Mersey: New transport planned from Wales to Liverpool
Hover'cross the Mersey: New transport planned from Wales to Liverpool After a 52-year absence, two projects have been granted operating licences to revive the service that would head along the coast of the Irish Sea into the Mersey next year. The most ambitious plan is for an 85-seater hovercraft which would make up to

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