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Gerry & the Pacemakers 45rpm record, "Ferry Across the Mersey"
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Ferry Across The Mersey CD The Liverpool Sound Dutch Import Disky
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GERRY & PACEMAKERS ... Ferry Across The Mersey -- 45 RPM -- '65
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Gerry & The Pacemakers Ferry Across The Mersey SDTK.LP United Artists UAL 3387
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GERRY & PACEMAKERS-2/1 45's-"Ferry Across The Mersey & It's Gonna Be Alright"-EX
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Gerry & The Pacemakers-Ferry Across The Mersey (VG+)
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Gerry & Pacemakers 45 Ferry Across The Mersey / Pretend ~ VG
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Ferry across the Mersey, fun for kids or for adults as well?

I'm eccentric about this ferry ride but me and my gf don't feel like being the only adults on the ferry hehhe...is it any good?

Its a dernier cri, transportation always is.

It's laudatory if you are leaving Liverpool,not so good in the other direction!

Its a gush over, transportation always is.

Bratislava bridges the gap between beautiful and barmy quite brilliantly

Some people collect stamps or dolls, others go for foreign coins or football programmes. I bag bridges. Or at least I enjoy looking at and crossing them.

Big, small, stone, brick, concrete or metal, they can be things of beauty and engineering marvels.

The magnificent Forth Rail Bridge in Scotland is my favourite. I’ve a soft spot for the one across the River Mersey at Runcorn, Cheshire (childhood memories); the Iron Bridge in Shropshire is a photogenic showstopper; Sydney, Golden Gate and Panama’s Americas are stunners, and I really must drive across the amazing Millau in the south of France some time.

But there is a new span vying for my attention – the bridge across the River Danube in Bratislava, the delightful, neat capital of the little central European nation of Slovakia.

The Novy Most (literally “new bridge” but formally the Slovak National Uprising Bridge) itself is a fairly unremarkable 1972 concrete suspension job.

But what makes it fabulously special is the fact that the designers – it was a project by the communist rulers who flattened Bratislava’s old Jewish quarter to build the approach roads – decided to plonk a UFO on top of the main tower. As you do.

It’s gloriously nuts and worth every cent of the €6.50 to get in the lift, head up the main support tower and on up a flight of steep stairs to the viewing platform.

The best bit is undoubtedly the climb up the Crown Tower for great views (beware, the steps are steep).

That’s followed by your descent to the bottom to see the 1,000-year-old crown of the old Hungarian monarchy. At one point, curiously, this was placed in Fort Knox.

If you have time, the ruins of Devin Castle are five miles out of town and feature a turret perched precariously on a rock. Admission is €2 and it’s served by buses and a ferry.

Bratislava is a winning, friendly little city with a handsome cathedral and national theatre too.

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Merseyside Tales, Curious and Amazing True Stories from History
192 pages
Merseyside Tales, Curious and Amazing True Stories from History

In 1964 the Liverpool pop group Gerry and the Pacemakers recorded the song ' Ferry 'Cross the Mersey'. Reaching number eight in the British Top Twenty that year, and featuring in a successful film the following year, this was a sentimental  ...
About this book
This fantastic collection of true tales celebrates the strange and curious secrets of Merseyside history. The fifty stories inside - from the tight-rope walking lion at the zoo to the twelve young women 'smothered by the incurable malady they caught of some sailors', the true tale of 'man in the iron coffin' and the strange and sanguineous saga of the Liverpool men who took on Mount Everest - uncover some truly amazing and extraordinary facets of history and heritage.

Mersey Ferries Through Time
96 pages
Mersey Ferries Through Time

The numberof passengers travelling on the ferry increased and the paddlesteamer Royal Mail was placedon the service fromWoodside toLiverpool. A reference toa ferry across the riverto Wallasey came in an1819 newspaper article about ...
About this book
A Mersey ferry was recorded in the Domesday Book, and for around a thousand years, they have plied between Birkenhead and Wallasey on the Wirral and Liverpool. The sail and man-powered craft gave way to steam ferries in 1815. In this book, Ian Collard tells the story of the Mersey ferries, concentrating on the steam and diesel powered eras from 1815 to the present day and including such famous ferries as Iris and Daffodil, which were involved in the Zeebrugge Raid of 1918. The Mersey ferries have been immortalized in song, and even today, with the various tunnels under the Mersey, the three survivors of today, Snowdrop, Royal Iris of the Mersey and Royal Daffodil, are still being used by locals and tourists alike. Using around 160 old and new images, he tells the story of the Ferries across the Mersey, showing a river that was once teeming with ships but is now much quieter.

Friday 27th December 2013 Lazy River

2002 – North Korea ordered U. N. atomic inspectors to give over the territory and said that it would restart a laboratory qualified of producing plutonium for atomic weapons. 1965 – The BP oil rig  Sea Gem  capsized in the North Sea, with the wastage of 13 lives. 2002 – In Chechnya, at least 40 people were killed when suicide bombers attacked the furnishing of Grozny. 2002 – Clonaid announced the delivery of the first cloned kind-hearted babe in arms. A perfect of twenty people were killed, including five of the attackers, who were slain by enforce and safety personnel. President George W. Bush granted China immutable customary exchange reputation with the Joint States. 1949 – Monarch Juliana of the Netherlands granted primacy to Indonesia after more than 300 years of Dutch decision. 1978 – Spain adopted a new constitution and became a democracy after 40 years of dictatorship. The affair was the childbirth of his own youngster in Jefferson, GA. B craze people earn a suggest. Crawford Williamson Wish in use accustomed to anesthesia for childbirth for the first conditions. The baby had been born December 26. Babrak Karmal succeeded President Hafizullah Amin, who was overthrown and executed.   This is why living here is so exciting.   This was an bloody dasngerous happening. 1945 – The Magic Bank was created with an concordat signed by 28 nations. 1927 – Leon Trotsky was expelled from the Communist Celebration....


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Gerry Marsden helps Clapperboard celebrate 50th anniversary of Liverpool film ...
Gerry Marsden helps Clapperboard celebrate 50th anniversary of Liverpool film ... Liverpool pop legend Gerry Marsden spoke at a special charity screening of the classic music film Ferry Cross the Mersey. The event was organised by Clapperboard UK to mark its 10th year and to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the movie. Gerry took 

Cunard celebrates 175 years of crossing the Atlantic
Cunard celebrates 175 years of crossing the Atlantic In July 1840, the paddle-steamer Britannia set sail from Liverpool, inaugurating the first timetabled passenger service across the Atlantic and changing ocean travel forever. Exactly 175 years on, Ian Thomson joins a Colloquially known as “Cunard's

Lottery funding helps Stick'n'Step children explore Mersey Maritime Heritage
A GROUP of children who use the services of Wirral charity Stick'n'Step learned about Liverpool's history and culture during a trip funded by the Heritage Lottery. The youngsters, accompanied by their parents, took a ferry across the Mersey and visited

Sixties stars under the Dome
Sixties stars under the Dome The Ivy League enjoyed hits such as Tossing and Turning. The Pacemakers enjoyed a string of hits with Gerry Marsden, including How Do You Do It? and I Like It, as well as Ferry 'Cross the Mersey. For tickets, priced from £27.50, visit www.the-dome

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