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Stainless eye bolts & misc boat cleats
Anchoring, Docking
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NewPEKABE 453 Revolving Eye Bolt High Strength Eyebolt Model Sail Boat Yacht R/C
Boats & Watercraft
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NewPEKABE 455 High Strength Deck Rigging Screw Eye Bolt Model Sail Boat Yacht R/C
Boats & Watercraft
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Deck & Cabin Hardware
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Deck & Cabin Hardware
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New5pcs Eyes Bolts M6 Metric Threaded Marine Grade Boat Stainless Steel Lifting
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NewSeachoice boat stern bow eye tie down u bolt stainless steel 3/8 marine 33600
Anchoring, Docking
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Anchoring, Docking
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New5pcs Eyes Bolts M8 Metric Threaded Marine Grade Boat Stainless Steel Lifting
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New2PCS Marine Grade Boat Stainless Steel Lifting Eyes Bolts M6 Metric Threaded
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225 hp Mercury Motor lifting eye?

I am removing a 225 hp mercury motor from my boat I stress to know what is the correct thread size of the lift eye bolt? is it a pipe thread?

The easily understood solution is to rig a "sling" around the power head. You can use rope or nylon strapping condign make sure it want slip out. I remember a factory sling that merc sold for all it's big outboards. You could use it with the cowl. Substantial luck!

To preserve your self switching and trying different threads,just go to the dealer and ask to borrow/or buy the proper liberate ring.If you are planning to do this a few times the investment is well worth it.

The modest solution is to rig a "sling" around the power head. You can use rope or nylon strapping fair-minded make sure it want slip out. I remember a factory sling that merc sold for all it's big outboards. You could use it with the cowl. Careful luck!

Sacramento region sees some unexpected rain

Traces of rain and overcast skies in the Sacramento region Sunday brought welcomed relief after weeks of hot, dry weather.

“It is rare to have any rain events in the summertime,” said Stefanie Henry, a National Weather Service meteorologist. “They occasionally happen, but this is a good treat for people used to the hot and dry.”

The weird weather was the result of monsoonal moisture originating in the desert Southwest, said NWS meteorologist Tom Dang.

“It’s somewhat common this time of year for monsoonal desert moisture to work its way up into California, especially into the Sierra,” Dang said. “This (weather event) just happens to be stronger than usual, and it’s bringing cloud cover over most of the state, giving us a break from the usual highs of the low to mid-90s.”

Sunday was the coolest day of July, with a high of 83 in Sacramento.

While the traces of rain in Sacramento on Sunday weren’t enough to be recorded, rain in the foothills and surrounding towns did make it onto the charts. Citrus Heights, Carmichael, Placerville and Arnold recorded amounts ranging from 0.01 in Placerville to 0.16 in Arnold. Sacramento hasn’t seen measurable rainfall since May 5, according to the National Weather Service.

Lake Tahoe saw considerably more rain than the Valley, with thunderstorms pouring down from one-quarter to three-fourths of an inch of rain, Henry said.

A call to the popular lakefront Beacon Bar & Grill at Camp Richardson resort outside of South Lake Tahoe on Sunday morning found manager Keven Extrom keeping an eye on the sky. “We’ve had afternoon thunderstorms the last couple of days, and right now it’s a little overcast,” he said. “I imagine it will be the same today.”

Across the lake on the west shore, a few miles outside Tahoe City, the popular lakefront resort Sunnyside was prepared for inclement weather.

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Prices include bow handle, bow chocks, bow cleat, stem band, bow eye bolt. MFR., Partee Boat Mfg. Co., 104 Coles Ferry Pike, Lebanon, Tenn. VIKING 15'31/ _>”x68”, hull weight 435 lbs. Has 1,000 lb. capacity. For use with 60 HP motor.

Cruising World
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Cruising World

ANCHOR WINDLASS ON THE WORLD'S EQUIPPED Ideal anchor windlasses are available for boats from 25' to 100', with vertical or ... 3/16” braided line looped over cleat tiller line tensioned and cleated off 4 or 5 tight turns eyebolt Fig.

The 24th Annual RT 20

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Just about as quickly as that thought popped into my head, a pain shot through my back and ran through my body like a bolt of lightning. If you've ever experienced it, and it only takes one occurrence to learn it well, you know instantly that the

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Monday update: Stories you missed over the weekend “I guess he didn't build the boat or the pickup, but he's worked on every part of them.” Ross was born Jan. 10, 1910 – only 20 years . The big moneymaker is an old-school candy dispenser that's eye-level for a child. One quarter gets you a handful

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1990 Ford F-350 Brake Upgrade - Them's The Brakes Disc brakes became standard on the Sterling axle in '99 when Ford introduced the Super Duty models, but they also changed to a wonky 8x170mm bolt pattern at that time. During a recent trip to the wrecking yard, a Dana 70 caught our eye. The axle was

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