Does anyone make bow filler cushions for boats?

deliver patterns w/cardboard and take them to an upholstery shop--pick your type and color of covering, how thick you want them, and they'll fab to your specs!! Satisfactory luck!

run patterns w/cardboard and take them to an upholstery shop--pick your type and color of covering, how thick you want them, and they'll fab to your specs!! Trustworthy luck!

Abundance will. Check with your local starcraft dealer. They may reference you to a local person to do it. If not, go to and ask there. They have plenty of people that have done it themselves.

No Plan B If Bid Fails to Right Ship off Italy

An international team of engineers and other experts has devised no "Plan B" if an attempt to right the hulking wreck of the grounded Costa Concordia goes wrong and the cruise liner splits apart or falls back on its side near an Italian island.

The team is attempting an unprecedented engineering bet to remove the luxury liner from just outside the harbor of Giglio island where it has been lying on its side after smashing into a jagged reef. Assuming seas are calm, the ship will be slowly pulled to the vertical in an hours-long operation so it can be towed to a mainland port and turned into scrap.

The possibility that the Mediterranean cruise liner might fall apart is a "remote event," insisted Franco Gabrielli, head of Italy's Civil Protection agency, at a briefing Thursday to lay out logistics. "If the ship doesn't turn" back upright, "there is no other way" to try it again.

Thirty-two people died when the Concordia crashed on the evening of Jan. 13, 2012, as the captain steered the vessel close to the island of Giglio's rocky coastline. The reef sliced a 70-meter (230-foot) long gash into a side of the hull, seawater rushed in and the Concordia began to lean over on one side, listing so quickly that many lifeboats couldn't be lowered to help save the 4,200 passengers and cruise aboard the pleasure cruise.

A 500-member salvage team from 24 nations will be conducting the operation to move the ship, known in nautical terms as parbuckling, before autumn storm season arrives, when winds and powerful waves risk battering it to the point it won't hold together.

Dozens of crank-like pulleys will start slowly rotating the ship upright at a rate of about 3 meters (yards) per hour. Steel chains weighing 17,000 tons have been looped under the vessel to help pull it upright. Tanks filled with water on the exposed side will also help rotate it upward.

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The Art of Freestyle
220 pages
The Art of Freestyle

The water pushing upstream from the cushion, combined with the tail squirt action of the upstream edge and reverse sweep, will push the stern of your boat underwater and lift the bow skywards. Photo Sequence - Jim Shrimpton, Canolfan ...
About this book
This book is intended to be instructional, inspirational and of interest to both novice and expert alike. The assumption is made that to even begin to playboat the paddler will already be an intermdiate white water boater familiar with basic strokes and boating skills. For the interested non paddler a glossary of terms is included. Part One gives an overview of the sport and lays the foundations of understanding on which the rest of the book builds, as well as exploring safety issues and exploring key concepts. Part Two describes and coaches the moves which are divided into intermediate and advanced standard. Part Three looks at how to train in order to hone your physical and mental skills and be 'the best you can be'. Never before has so much freestyle, rodeo and playboating information from so many great boaters been gathered together in one place. In a world dominated by the biggest, the fastest, the loudest...the most big headed, this book makes a stand. Whilst of course covering all...

Pt Boat Episodes
188 pages
Pt Boat Episodes

Therefore, on this cruise, for just such an emergency, we did have blankets, pillows, and—by using boat cushions—a mattress of sorts in the open bow. Mosquitoes were out in force, there was a heavy dew that night, but with much good humor ...
About this book
At General Quarters in the Pacific and a Five-Month Yachting Cruise in the Atlantic with a Young MTB Captain. Several tales told by a former PT boat officer, some typical, some not so typical, of action and service in both the Pacific and Atlantic. Most of the photographs and illustrations have never been published before and show many details of the boats. 41 photos, 2 illustrations, 3 documents, 4 maps. Full contents listing can be seen in the Book Preview along with additional sample pages.

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Boating on High Rock calls for caution
In addition to providing $90,000 annually for High Rock, Tuckertown, Badin and Falls lakes for increased law enforcement patrols, Alcoa has donated patrol boats to law enforcement, gives away hundreds of life jackets each year and works to keep

Passage to India: Reflecting on the past
Passage to India: Reflecting on the past Nestled among plump, comfy cushions on the bow of our little boat, I nibble canapes and sip iced tea. I am in the middle of Lake Pichola in Udaipur on a serene sunset boat ride, watching the pelicans and cormorants fly. Roger Moore found his way to

Intense week of training for Phil Sharp
Intense week of training for Phil Sharp This is the offshore domain where the real Figaro training begins: battling against choppy seas and strong currents, tacking within a boat length of the rocks, constantly trying to squeeze more speed out of the boat, whilst also looking for some time

Larson FX Launches New Model - 1850 D
boat is family-friendly boat too. Optional jump seats, captain's seats for the driver and passenger with armrest and recliner swivel feature, plus snap-in cushions that abut to the port and starboard console the bow becomes a quick and easy sun lounge

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