Does anyone make bow filler cushions for boats?

deliver patterns w/cardboard and take them to an upholstery shop--pick your type and color of covering, how thick you want them, and they'll fab to your specs!! Satisfactory luck!

run patterns w/cardboard and take them to an upholstery shop--pick your type and color of covering, how thick you want them, and they'll fab to your specs!! Trustworthy luck!

Abundance will. Check with your local starcraft dealer. They may reference you to a local person to do it. If not, go to and ask there. They have plenty of people that have done it themselves.

Canada: Great escape claws

Bears, chipmunks, forests and starry nights bring Keeley Bolger to the Canadian great outdoors in Ontario.

The black bear is a mere 10ft away from where I’m standing. So I’m not entirely convinced when Al Errington tells me: “See? She’s not interested in you.” But fortunately Al, the warm and responsible owner of Errington’s Wilderness Island Resort in Northern Ontario, has his trusty garden rake with him to scare the bear away. That’s right. A garden rake.

“The bears hate the sound of the rake scraping on the floor,” explains Al, who bares his teeth and makes a sheep-like noise in the bear’s direction.

We’re on the appropriately named Bear Point, a leafy enclave three miles east of the Errington’s Resort, which is nestled within Chapleau, the largest crown game preserve in the world. Al runs the resort with his welcoming wife Doris and an entourage of wonderfully friendly and knowledgeable guides and staff.

But friendly isn’t a word I’d use to describe the animal standing in front of me right now. “The bear is too busy eating,” Al reassures me. “But we want to make sure that they are instilled with a fear of humans, which is why I scrape the rake on the ground.”

To keep the bears at bay, the Erringtons save up their food waste and drop it off at Bear Point.

Bear numbers have dwindled in recent years and Al knows that if the bears are hungry, they’re more likely to go on the prowl for food. But today, this bear seems too engrossed in picking apart half-eaten fish, eggs and veggie scraps to start sizing us up.

Guests can stand on Bear Point with Al and his guides at their own risk, and they only ever ask people up when they’ve sussed out the bear and seen that it is safe for a few guests to join them.

Those who prefer not to be within touching (or clawing distance) of the female bear, congregate in boats on the surrounding lake. At just 40ft away, there is still ample opportunity to observe the “grrs”, as the locals call them, take some snaps and relax.

Boat Cushions Bow - Bookshelf

1402 pages

It's both rare and refreshing to see a small boat so well fitted out with gauges these days. There are some other standard ... The cushy pedestal seats and bow cushions also work to keep your comfort level up. They're all well padded and are  ...

Boating Life
116 pages
Boating Life

A canvas top comes standard, as do bow filler cushions. Aside from stereo upgrades and some canvas options, the 214 in standard form is equipped as nicely as some other boats loaded with options. And if you've ever seen how quickly ...

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Selecting the Right Dock Lines
Larger-diameter line won't provide as much cushion as thinner line under equal loads. It may also be For use at transient docks, we recommend that spring lines be as long as the boat and that bow and stern lines be half the length of the boat. You

How To Sea-Trial A Boat
But for new boats, request a demo boat with the same make and model engines as those on the boat you are considering. This is important because, mist of spray? Do seat cushions “bottom out” as the boat crests waves at “normal” cruising speed for

Princecraft Vectra 21
The Vectra 21 is Princecraft's most popular pontoon model, and it's easy to see why — it's a snazzy-looking, traditional, two-log pontoon that can be had for an agreeable price. When paired with a 25 hp Mercury FourStroke, the base Vectra 21 has a

Boat Test: Contender Boats 22 Sport Center Console
Boat Test: Contender Boats 22 Sport Center Console If you want to take the family, the 22 Sport offers plenty of seats, including a pair in the stern quarters, one on the front of the center console, and two elevated pods with snap-on upholstery and a filler cushion forward that creates U-shaped

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