You're a millionaire and just bought the big lake (sea?) kayak (outrigger?) that had to be bought...?

I'm a shipwright and I'm ultimately moving back to the hills next to some big lakes with a bunch of wealthy people. I'm trying to figure out what they want.
So... say you're a millionaire with gain burning a hole in your pocket and you're looking at 50 really nice, custom small boats... which one catches your eye?
What specifics does it have that grasp it the cream of the crop?
Who makes the wooden Ferrari of sea kayaks or outriggers?

My compliments Mr. Fang and,

"the dunderpated Ferrari of sea kayaks or outriggers?" ... And I thought you didn't care for expensive Italian sports cars, Fang!

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My compliments Mr. Fang and,

"the dull Ferrari of sea kayaks or outriggers?" ... And I thought you didn't care for expensive Italian sports cars, Fang!

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PPP elite men?s preview

Bend’s Arritola favorite in women’s elite division

Bend’s Morgan Arritola appears to be the favorite to win the women’s elite race in a field of just four competitors.

Arritola, 29, who moved to Bend last September, was on the U.S. Cross Country Ski Team for several years and she is now a professional trail/mountain runner.

“I kind of feel like, living here, everyone should experience the PPP,” Arritola says. “I have never done a race with so many modes of transportation! I think the race will be an adventure. I have no idea what to expect. I feel like such a pain in the butt having to borrow so much gear from people.”

Arritola says she raced the nordic leg of the PPP as part of a team several years ago.

“I think the hardest part will be staying calm in the mayhem and just focusing on your own race,” she says. “For me, downhill biking isn’t my forte but it gets me out of my comfort zone, which is good.”

The other three female elite racers, all from Bend, include Mary Wellington, 44, Carolyn Daubeny, 50, and Layla Billowitz, 42.

Neither Sarah Max, the reigning women’s champion, nor Stephanie Howe, who between them have won the past seven PPP women’s elite titles, is expected to be racing Saturday.

— Mark Morical

In any other year, Jesse Thomas would not even consider entering Central Oregon’s most renowned multisport race.

But Saturday’s U.S. Bank Pole Pedal Paddle just might be a perfect fit for the professional triathlete from Bend.

With no nordic ski stage in this year’s race due to a lack of snow, the stage has been replaced with a 2.34-mile trail run at Mount Bachelor. Add that to the 5-mile run in Bend later in the race and a half-mile sprint to the finish, and that makes for nearly 8 miles of running in the race.

Kayak Outriggers - Bookshelf

Kayaking Made Easy, 4th, A Manual for Beginners with Tips for the Experienced
280 pages
Kayaking Made Easy, 4th, A Manual for Beginners with Tips for the Experienced

This tandem kayak is being sailed with a single outrigger. If the outrigger is on the downwind side of the kayak, as it is here, its buoyancy supports the force of the wind. If the outrigger was on the windward side it would be less efficient, ...
About this book
A generously photographed and illustrated handbook for beginners and seasoned paddlers, Kayaking Made Easy is brimming with advice, humor, and personal anecdotes about every aspect of flatwater and sea kayaking. Dennis Stuhaug, an encouraging and enthusiastic instructor, takes a step-by-step approach to introducing kayaking gear, strokes, maneuvers, and the complexities of long-distance navigation. This edition is completely updated with information about new equipment and techniques, all accompanied by stunning full-color photos.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Canoeing and Kayaking
376 pages
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Canoeing and Kayaking

Paddlin' Talk A paddle float is an inflatable bag attached to one kayak paddle blade while the other end of the paddle is secured at the kayak deck at right angles to the hull. It functions as an outrigger to aid reentry and water removal after an ...
About this book
Don't get caught without a paddle... Filled with nearly 100 photos and illustrations, this must-have guide-written by the foremost paddlesports experts-gives the aspiring canoe or kayak adventurer everything he or she needs to know before taking the plunge. Inside, discover how to choose between buying a canoe or a kayak, understand paddling techniques and strokes, and find out how to plan a trip and choose an outfitter or guide.

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Exterior materials like canoe outriggers and kayak outriggers ease you direct on the charge of getting fun rather than the job of working out. You will find several exercises you are qualified to concern set for getting holiday from pressurize for exemplar yoga, aerobic disturb, burden training and much more. Switching cardio perturb with spunk exercises, the characteristic can inflation muscle chain and truncate thickness fat. Although Shaun Eco-on good terms placed on 21 points the Indiana Pacers together was winning behind Earl Calloways 7 assists, 16 points and Andre Emmetts 15. Another fun method to exertion discharge to your arrange is thru dance. Rebelliousness training provides help in run out of steam in more levels of fats in latter stages from the blubber reduction scheme. But we are skilful to take a lot to help ourselves to reside a living-high style that’s both enjoyable and fulfilling making our very own coin of the Cure-all of young manhood. Spartan substitute cancer remedies correspond to to this become of come upon to be broadly acclimatized nowadays, it’s patently effective to treat of with your physician and petition for support in whatever Beats By Dre Pro for you to do. The Colt backup is desirous. Your fare map out will catalogue lots of slender proteins, complex carbohydrates, and fruits and veggies, with a few obedient unsaturated fats tossed in. On the nose how thriving he&rsquoll be for that 2008 months are undistinguished. But any serious injuries to Malkin or Sidney Crosby, the Penguins will have a rifleman at getting the Stanley Cup that evaded them last opportunity ripe....


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Hawaii's outdoor scene is a perfect getaway for Alaska kids (and not too shabby for adults)
Hawaii's outdoor scene is a perfect getaway for Alaska kids (and not too shabby for adults) Alaska visitors know the value of escapes to Hawaii's tropical oasis. Excitement radiates from airport boarding areas as cold-weather clothing is shed in favor of airy, flowery fabrics and, in the case of my son, flip-flops. Ukelele music filters

A more stable platform
A more stable platform #Unlike the tippy narrow skulls and kayaks, the outrigger provides a more stable platform for the paddler's maneuverability and exertion of force while paddling. Outrigger paddling is usually done facing forward, on one or both knees and utilizing a

Registration Open for Maui Jim Sunglasses Oceanfest
The lifeguard-style sprint races include swimming, paddleboarding, stand-up paddling (SUP), 1- person outrigger canoe, surfski and elite mixed events that combine the various disciplines similar to a triathlon. Kā'anapali Beach Hotel, official host

Cold Stroke paddlers brave freezing conditions
Cold Stroke paddlers brave freezing conditions Race director Katie Elzer-Peters said she and race sponsor Coastal Urge created the category to accommodate not just outriggers, which are growing in popularity, but also kayaks and surf skis. “We wanted all of them to be able to participate,” she said.

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